Rug Restoration & Cleaning

We pride ourselves on customer service, and offer many services to accommodate your specific kind of rug, needlepoint or tapestry.   Some of the services we offer are:


Weaving:  We repair all kinds of Oriental and Persian carpets.  We have a staff of professional weavers right here on the premises.  They inspect your rug to insure the proper weaving technique to best maintain the artistic and technical aspects of your rug.


Dusting:  We also offer dusting, a technique to thoroughly remove dirt and dust from your rug. (Moths are attracted to dust and dirt)
Washing:  Our staff also uses special techniques to thoroughly clean your rug.  Using the proper shampoos, pressure and amount of water to insure the best care for your type of rug.
Appraisals:  As we know your rugs are very valuable to you whether antique,  collectible, new or family heirloom we can evaluate it for proper appraisal be it for insurance or other purposes.

Carpet Care

The most important part of your Oriental Carpets is how to care for them.  Here are a few tips that might insure the longevity of your rug.
-Always avoid placing your carpet in direct sunlight to insure that the color won’t fade.  Another good tip is to rotate your rug a few times a year to get even wear.
- Do not put any plants on your rug for the chance that the water can leak onto your rug and damage it.
- It is also good to keep household pets away from your rugs.  Urine can fade the color of your rug permanently damaging it.
- It is important to vacuum your carpet once or twice a week as dirt attracts moths.  You must be careful not to vacuum over fringes.
- In case of any accidents, do not try to do the stain removal or water damage repair yourself.  Caring for carpets takes years of experience, having a professional look at it can save you a lot of money and risk of spreading the stain.