I was born in born in 1942 in the city of Mashad, Iran.  I was raised in a family where my father and grandfather were in the Oriental rug business.  Being the first born my father would often take me with him on business trips and teach me all the knowledge he had of rugs, and I was immediately drawn to them.  I learned about Belouchs, Turkemans, Moods, Khorasans, Mashads and many more different types of rugs named after the cities they were made in.

My father’s factory was in the city of Kerman.  We had 500 looms for weaving the rugs, the wool was then hand dyed and given to master weavers who then made the designs for the carpets, often designs inspired by nature and the asthetics of the time.  It was truly inspiring to see strands of wool turn into vibrant symphonies of color, beautiful masterpieces, rugs that can be handed down for generations.  The beauty in a hand woven rug is that no two are the same they are truly one of a kind. I immediately fell in love and still to this day appreciate the true artistry that went into making these hand woven rugs.  

As much as I loved the family business it was very important to my father that I receive a greater education, so I left Iran and moved to the United States.  I graduated from Kansas State University where I became a civil engineer, building things from raw materials somewhat like my father with his wool and dyes.  I worked as a civil engineer for several years but my true passion always stayed with rugs.  I began working part- time in Chicago slowly edging my way back into the carpet business.  I later moved to New York City, and in 1972 started my company N. Ben Chafieian and have been in the midtown area for approximately 40 years.

We specialize in antique and semi-antique rugs. With antique rugs age and time gives it more beauty just like fine wine.  Always the central part of a room, a piece of history and a conversation piece.  We have a large inventory of rugs, styles of rugs from many different parts of the world, something for every pallet.  Often I work with decorators searching for that perfect one of a kind piece.