Chafieian Oriental Rug Gallery

Chafieian Oriental Rug Gallery is the best place to find Antique Chinese Rugs, Antique Caucasian Rugs, Antique European Rugs, Antique Persian Rugs, Antique Indian Rugs & Antique Turkish Rugs. All the rugs and carpets in our gallery are carefully chosen by our experts of this very specific field.

Rug Restoration Services

Antique Oriental Rug Restoration Antique Oriental Rug RestorationAll rugs need cleaning and repair from time to time, but some rugs need major restoration. Our professionals will clean & restore your antique oriental rugs. Handmade, antique oriental rugs are unique, beautiful masterpieces and from time to time they need cleaning, repairs & restoration.

You have to be careful while choosing a service for your rug restoration, a hand can restore or ruin your rug. At Chafieian Antique Oriental Rug Gallery, we offer you highest quality service and promise you to return your rug in a perfect condition. Our specialists are masters at matching color, re-weaving or re-knapping holes, and restoring ends and edges to the original look and feel. Contact Us for a free price quote.